Solved: Plugin Updates Fail Using WP-CLI After WordPress 4.6 Upgrade

This may seem like it’s becoming something of a tradition, but if you’re a WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) user and you’ve recently updated your website to WordPress 4.6, you may notice that plugin updates no longer work correctly. You’ll probably get an error like this: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function apply_filters() in /Library/WebServer/Sites/ […]

WordPress 4.6 Has Arrived!

WordPress 4.6 (nicknamed “Pepper”), released just moments ago, is a major revision to the popular content management software. Along with this update comes a more streamlined installation process for plugins and themes, several improvements to the visual editor (including a sort of “spell check” feature for broken links, where the user will be alerted to any […]

Update to WordPress 4.5.3 Now

As detailed on the WordPress blog, WordPress has released a security update (version 4.5.3) that deals with a number of vulnerabilities. You should update your sites right away (Dashboard > Updates > Update Now). There are also 17 bugfixes included in this release. Update now!

Site-Specific Plugins: When, Why, and How To Use Them in WordPress

If you’ve ever built your own Wordpress theme (or customized/added to someone else’s), you’re almost certainly familiar with the functions.php file. In many cases, this file (included with each theme) can be an excellent place to write some PHP snippets which affect the behavior of your site. But it is not always the best place to place PHP snippets, and here’s why.

WordPress 4.5.2 (Security Release) is Available

As explained on the WordPress blog, WordPress has released a security update that deals with two different vulnerabilities in its software. You should update your sites right away. One of the issues is a SOME (Same Origin Method Execution) vulnerability in Plupload (WordPress’ third-party file uploader), while the other is an XSS (Cross Site Scripting) risk in MediaPlayer.js (WordPress’ third-party media […]