Easily Implement 2x Retina Background Images Using SCSS

Here’s the problem. You have a background image somewhere on your website that looks great on your trusty, old-fashioned desktop PC monitor, but appears blurry or pixelated on your Retina display iPad. You can use CSS media queries to target high-density displays and supply them with a separate, 2x resolution version of your image, but with this simple SCSS mixin, the entire process becomes downright easy.

How To Add Custom Columns to the "All Posts" Screen (Or Your Custom Post Type) in WordPress

Posts, pages, comments, and even custom post types in Wordpress rely on a screen often referred to as the “Edit Posts” screen, the “All Posts” screen, or sometimes, just edit.php. Here, you can get a list of all of your posts (of a given type) in a nice, clean table with sortable columns and pagination; from this table, you can edit, quick edit, trash, or view a given post, making it a very useful screen in managing any Wordpress site. But how can you add custom columns to this screen for custom post meta fields?