WordPress 4.4 Has Arrived!

At last, Wordpress version 4.4 has shipped, marking the first major release of the software since August. With it comes some exciting new features.

How To Add Custom Columns to the "All Posts" Screen (Or Your Custom Post Type) in WordPress

Posts, pages, comments, and even custom post types in Wordpress rely on a screen often referred to as the “Edit Posts” screen, the “All Posts” screen, or sometimes, just edit.php. Here, you can get a list of all of your posts (of a given type) in a nice, clean table with sortable columns and pagination; from this table, you can edit, quick edit, trash, or view a given post, making it a very useful screen in managing any Wordpress site. But how can you add custom columns to this screen for custom post meta fields?

Why I Use WordPress (But Maybe You Shouldn't)

Web developers and agencies love to argue over what content management system (CMS) is best, and the name that comes up more than anything else is Wordpress. This website is powered by Wordpress. But should yours be?